About Membership

Membership is designed for all Child Life Specialists in the Chicagoland area.  Our group meets four times a year, hosts a mini half-day conference  and an annual conference , along with an annual community outreach event to raise awareness for Child Life. 

Members include professional Child Life Specialists, working in hospital settings, community support programs, private practices, university faculty, and newly established Child Life Specialists seeking employment. Students are also welcome to join as a student member.  Meetings are held quarterly during the calendar year. 

Membership Fee:

  • All Members: $40.00 annually (Membership renews in September)
  • CACLP Meeting Drop-in: $15.00 - Individuals are welcome to drop in for professional development units (PDU). *individual drop in does not have voting rights, cannot seek Board positions and cannot participate in committee work.
  • NEW Child Life Student membership: $25.00 annually  
    • Membership includes access to all CACLP meetings, free half day mini conference, a discount for the full day conference, and opportunities to participate in committee events and CACLP committees.
If interested in joining, please contact our treasurer for a membership invoice:
 at CACLPTreasurer@gmail.com