Board Descriptions

President:The position of the president is a one year commitment. As President, the person shall work to ensure the growth and progress of achieving all set goals and strategic plans, while safeguarding the group’s reputation and credibility. The President will plan and set the agendas for each meeting along with implementing the professional development lectures. The President will seek approval on all the meeting agendas and topics for PDH lectures from the board. The President will address all concerns and suggestions presented by the group members. In addition the President will be responsible to facilitate all group meetings and board meetings.

 President Elect:This position is a one year commitment. The role of the Vice –President is to assist the president and oversee the group e-mail correspondence. Assist the board in planning and developing all meetings. In the absence of the president the President Elect will facilitate the group and/or board meetings. The President Elect will assume the role of the President if there is an extended leave or dismissal of the President. The development and implementation of the nomination and voting process will be overseen by the President Elect.

 Secretary:This position is a two year commitment. The main role of the secretary is to record, manage, and store all written documents produced by the meetings for the board and the group.

 Treasurer: This position is a two year commitment. The Treasurer will open and oversee the bank account and all money transactions. The Treasurer and another member of the board will be signing for the bank account. The Treasurer will keep appropriate copies of all receipts and purchases. Treasurer will report a financial update at each meeting. 

Past President : This position is a one year commitment.   The Past President provides advice and leadership to the board regarding past practices, events, and to assist the board in general governance of the organization when needed. The Past President supports the President and President Elect on an as needed basis. The Past President supports the President and fills in in the event that the President is unavailable and the President Elect is unavailable to perform the duties of the President.  The Past President will fill the duties of the Secretary and/or Treasurer in event that there is an extended absence or dismissal of either from their position.